2017 is going to be a wonderful year for Stretford Band!

Although we were sad to see Ian Mitchell leave, we are delighted to be working with Simon Robertshaw from January – but that isn’t all that’s changing!

In a move instantly dubbed “Strexit” by our resident wit, the announcement has been made that the band will be leaving our long-time home at Sale Sports Club and moving to Sevenways Methodist church in Stretford.

We have been based in Sale for a very long time (see band history) and have been looking at ways to return to Stretford for a while. Sale Sports club is also planning redevelopment which would have meant either changing out rehearsal night or dropping to one rehearsal a week rather than two; neither of which options was ideal for us.

With our developing relationship with Sevenways Methodist church we have found a band home and a community back on home territory in Stretford, and a great rehearsal and concert venue which we think will benefit all concerned.

Although the actual date isn’t fixed yet (anyone up for moving the library?), we expect to be rehearsing there from the end of January 2017.  Why not come and see us?