Current Vacancies

We are a non-contesting band, based in Stretford, South Manchester, and we rehearse twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We play to a good standard and have a wide range of music, including everything from funk to swing and rock, classical to contest pieces, and are always open to suggestions for new repertoire.

If you think we might suit you, drop us a line and turn up to a rehearsal.  We are welcoming and friendly and will be glad to see you.

We can always find room for another player so please don’t wait, get in touch.

January 2019

We are looking for an experienced Musical Director with brass knowledge, drive and vision.

September 2018

We are now looking for trombones, horns and an E flat bass player with immediate effect.

June 2018

The band is seeking trombone players and horn players, seats negotiable. Please contact us to join our friendly group. Due to a change in circumstances we are now also seeking a kit player.