1. Saturday 12th November Sevenways Methodist Church, Barton Road Stretford, 7.30pm Concert, on site for 6.30pm.

Uniform Jackets and ties.

2. Sunday 13th November Remembrance Service Urmston/ Davyhulme Cenotaph, 11.00am on site for 10.15am

Uniform Jackets and ties.

3 . Saturday the 3rd of December, Victoria Park Stretford, M32 8DQ on site for 11.30 am.

Two hour session of Christmas Music starting at 12.00pm.

Uniform, as warm as possible!

4. Saturday 10th December, Concert. Christ Church, Lostock Road, Davyhulme, M41 OTD.

7.30pm start on site for 6.30pm.

Uniform jackets and ties.

5. . Thursday 15th December Good Bag Co. Beech Road Chorlton 7.00pm start

Uniform as warm as possible with stand lights.

6. .Saturday 17th December All Saints Christmas Concert, Barton Road M32 9RL ,Stretford. 7.30pm start

on site for 6.30pm Uniform Jackets and ties.

7. Sunday 18th December, Christian Life Centre , 107 Barton Road, Road Stretford.M32 9AF.

7.30pm start, on site for 6.30pm

Uniform jackets and ties.